hhu Dissertation Authorizing and Submitting System
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hhu Dissertation Authorizing and Submitting System
    The library, the Graduate School and the university's Secrecy Committee have approved the following motion: From 10 month 2004 year, all students who are expecting a master's degree or a doctoral degree in any school (or department, institution, research center) of Hohai University, after passing the defense of dissertation, must submit an electronic dissertation to the library as well as a print version. The electronic document should include abstracts and the full text.
  Please click Master In /Doctor In, logon the remote dissertation submitting system and fill in the dissertation submission form to provide bibliographic information and abstracts.
  1. Submit bibliographic information and abstracts by filling in the form. After you complete the form, click button Submit to upload.
  2. After you successfully submit the bibliographic information and abstracts, you will enter a page for submitting the full text of the dissertation. The content of the electronic dissertation, including the text, abstracts in Chinese and English, keywords, table of contents and cited references, should be exactly the same as the print version.
  3. You should only submit files with extension .pdf. If you use LaTex or other word processor to edit your dissertation, please submit files in PDF format. Use the same way to name the PDF files. If you have any problems creating files, please contact the reference desk of the library.
  After you complete the form, click button Submit. If the form is successfully uploaded, you will enter the page for full text submission. Please make sure that all the required fields are completed, or the submission would fail.
  Please login the system in X days to see the status of check. If your dissertation did not pass the check, please look over the reasons and make correction till it is valid. You cannot finish the graduate procedure unless your dissertation has passed the check.
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